Selling Codes App for Shopify

Selling Codes App — Wiki

  1. Installation
    To install the application in your store, you need to click on the menu button “Apps” → “Visit the Shopify App Store”. Enter the name of the application “Selling Codes App”. Confirm the installation by clicking “Add app”. After that, a window with application rights will appear. Click “Install App”.

    After that, the application will appear in the list of installed.

    By default, the application adds several of its files to the theme. A page template is created - page.serial-keys and a button snippet - btn-serial-keys, which leads to a list of serial keys purchased by the user.

  2. Adding / Removing Serial Keys
    2.1 Adding Serial Keys
    To add serial keys, you need to select the desired product in the "Products" tab of the application.

    The page for the selected product opens. After that, you need to enter the serial keys in the field and save them by clicking on the "Add" button.

    2.2 Removing serial keys
    To remove an unnecessary serial key, you need to click on the trash can icon opposite the selected key.


  3. Add / Remove Activation Links (optional)
    The activation link is a simple URL link that can be displayed for a customer after purchase. You can use this field for activations, referring users to an installation manual, etc.

    3.1 Adding Serial Key Activation Links
    Since activation links can be multilingual, you need to select the desired language on a product page, in the "Links" section. Then, in the next field, specify a link that you want to add and then click the "Add" button.

    3.2 Removing serial key activation links
    To remove an unnecessary link, you need to click on the trash can icon opposite the selected link.


  4. Adding a page and template for displaying purchased keys
    After first installation or subsequent reinstallations, the application sets the custom look of the page. To activate the page for the list of all purchases of serial keys, go to the "Pages" section.

    After that, you need to create a page with the page.serial-keys template.

    The title and content of the page can be edited. The page is available only to the customer who completed the order and paid for the product.

  5. Checking the correctness of adding a template
    If you have problems with the correct operation of the template or if the template was edited by you and the data output stopped working, you need to go to the application settings and run the “Check Assets” command to fix possible errors.

    The application will replace the theme template with the original view. All manual changes to page.serial-keys will be irretrievably lost. The check does not touch the current page and content, and it does not require the re-creation of a new page.

  6. Adding a link to the purchased keys page
    You can insert or delete the previously added link in one click, which is located on the account page and leads to the list of serial keys purchased by the user.
    To do this, you need to go to the Settings section and follow the instructions in the Ember Button block.


It should be noted that to activate this button, you must create a page with the page.serial-keys template (paragraph 4). The button will redirect to the page of all purchased keys and is visible only to store customers on the page of all orders.